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A man is in a canoe with a rock which is floating in a pool. What happens to the water level if you toss the rock in the pool.

6 Answers

Bottom line is that unless you know the density of that rock... you can't answer the question.

Isn't the density of the rock is irrelevant since it is already in pool (in the canoe)?

When the rock is in the canoe it causes displacement equal to its mass regardless of its volume (so long as the canoe is still afloat). If the rock is submerged it will displace equal to its volume regardless of its mass. Some rocks also float (pumice) and for those the water level would stay the same because they are displacing equal to their mass wether in the canoe or in the pool.

Why do you want to work for Govini?

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How familiar with Mission control tools am i ?

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What I saw as essential to VP leader’s success.

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What do you know about Sonic Boom?

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Basic questions on availability and willingness to travel. Asked to give example of a time when I went above and beyond in my job. Questions from resume about background/experience.

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Provide an example of when you improved a work process.

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Tell me about your experience?

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Given a max-heap, how do I find the top k items?

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How long were you in the Air Force?

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