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Do you want this job?

3 Answers


Sure I want this job as Tower Crane Operator.

Listen maybe you shouldn't have accepted the position because you don't seem very likely to succeed not just there but anywhere. I worked for jasper for 2 years and yes I had FREE healthcare and YES I MADE WELL OVER 100K. Because I worked hard and the owner is fair and takes care of those that produce. You sound like a guy who never has seen 100k and if you have why are you applying elsewhere? Because you didn't make the honest with yourself. Or maybe you aren't capable. Im not with the company anymore because I chose for family reasons not any other reason. Dont waste the owners or other managers time there. They are REAL when they say something and gave you an opportunity it sounds like they shouldn't have. Find something better to do than post nonsense falsely. This is a good company but like anywhere you have to work hard and the work is simple. The money is real for those that are driven to earn it..... Don't be such a weak person my friend.

What will you bring to Free People?

2 Answers

Have I ever been convicted of theft in the past?

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Why do you want to be an assistant manager?

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What was one of the most difficult guests you ever had, and how did you handle it?

1 Answer

How can you assist our manager to improve sales?

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What were your previous duties?

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Name a situation when you had to deal with an annoyed customer

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Tell me what you can bring to the company that others cannot, why should I hire you and not the other applicants in the room waiting outside?

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What does servant leadership mean to you?

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