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What's the angle between the hands of a clock if the time is 3:15.

3 Answers

Oooooh, this was a sneaky trick question and I'm sorry I fell for it. Under the pressure of an interview, you might accidentally think the angle between the small and the large hands of a clock will pointing at the number "3" and therefore the angle would be zero. If you can keep a clear head, you're likely to realize really quickly that the small (hour) hand is going to be *beyond* the 3 by some relatively small angle. To be more precise, it'll be 1/4th of the distance between the hour numbers "3" and "4".

The answer should be a right angle.

With 360 degrees in a circle and 12 hours throughout each cycle the distance between each number is 30 degrees. If the minute hand is pointing at the 3 and is fifteen minutes, fifteen minutes is 1/4 of the total amount of minutes on the clock, this puts the hour hand 30/4 degrees passed the 3 at 7.25 degrees. They'll enjoy you thinking analytically.

If one has a collection of N stock options vesting over P periods, describe algorithmically how one would come up with the data for a table listing how many options are awarded per period.

2 Answers

given a matrix where the numbers ascend both in rows & columns, e.g. 1 3 5 7 9 11 13 15 18 20 22 24 26 28 30 31 33 36 38 39 42 44 47 49 50 If you're asked to write a function that provides a boolean (YES or NO) answer to "does this number exist in this matrix", explain how you would design an algorithm to be most optimal.

2 Answers

2nd skype: - Lets say you have to build an activity (screen) which has a drop-down & once you select an item in the drop-down, it loads an image corresponding to that on the screen below. - How will handle cases where user is very rapidly changing his selection from the drop down

2 Answers

1st round (phone screening): 1. WAP to implement pow(a,b) function. 2. WAP to build a BST.

1 Answer

4th skype (design round): - How will you design an app (client) & server to implement a word guess game. For e.g. app will ask user to guess the word (it will show blank spaces first equal to size of the word) one character one time. He will have 'n' chances to guess correct word. Based on the result, he will win or loose money (prize). Assume you have well defined payment & user registration system. Assume external systems required for this game already present. Just concentrate on designing the above core requirement

1 Answer

given a list of stock prices (which are integers) sorted by time order, come up with an algorithm to decide the best time to buy & sell.

1 Answer

Imagine (or even better, draw out) a railroad track divided into three sections due to two signals placed onto the track. Then two robots running identical code are dropped onto the tracks. One into the middle (in between the two signals) and another to the right of the rightmost signal. Both robots run the same program, written in a simple BASIC-like language. here’s the sample app the interviewer provided 10 LEFT 20 RIGHT 30 IF SIGNAL THEN 40 LEFT 50 ELSE 60 RIGHT 70 GOTO 10 If this program were run on both robots, the robot to the right of the rightmost signal would go off screen to the right to infinity. Assuming that a collision check happens on each line of code, how could we design a program that can get the robots to collide (or end up on the same place on the tracks at the same time)?

1 Answer

New York guy asked typical iPhone engineering questions but none particularly egregious or challenging, e.g. memory management and ARC

1 Answer

Describe how you would reverse a linked list.

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