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How many gas stations are there in Grand Rapids?

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They were more interested in the process of figuring out a solution rather than the solution itself.

What did you learn from being a parent about coping with people at work?

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Write code (does not have to be perfect) of a calculator, showing the models, views and controllers

Explain the best approach to take in regards to the software when merging two software companies

tell me about your recent project. what is your strength. what is your weakness. give an example of how you influence the technical decision

Asked about what a typical mobile app development process looked like.

Questions for Talent Screen: What is your current motivation for looking for a new job? Please tell me about your most recent (0-18 months) significant project? What technology stacks/builds are you most comfortable working on. If you could design your ideal next role/job; What would you be doing? ​Where are you at in your job search? What is the salary and total compensation that you are targeting Are you authorized to work for any employer in the USA? Are you open to relocating to USA/CITY/STATE?​ If hired, how soon could you start? Technical/Fit questions: What is the new features of HTML5? Can you tell me what does Semantic Web mean? What is promise? How Do You Build a Multi-Language Website ? What is the difference between Git-commit and Git-push?

The rest was selling me on this FT opportunity over the contract opportunity I had.

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I was asked to code a chat app that filtered out bad words.

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