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Director Interview Questions in Montreal, QC

"When applying for a position as a director, be prepared to have your leadership skills and judgement tested by many case studies. These scenarios help employers understand what kind of leader you will be for a team or department at their company, so confidence, quick thinking, and examples of how you have fixed similar problems in the past will be highly advantageous towards receiving an offer."

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What do you need to be successful in this position?

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I made a thorough list of risks and mitigations.

What was my favorite job experience?

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What is your greatest weakness.

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When can you start?

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They asked a lot about ability to scale for growth.

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Very vague and ambiguous questions, they didn't seem to have any idea what they wanted. More of a "you keep talking and we'll let you know when you get it right" kind of approach.

They asked about my experience and why I am interested in the role / org

General background, management style, vision, strategy, what I am looking for, what I know about VMS, Direct Hire, etc. General discussion about metrics, sales drive, results in the past and future

A lot questions, regarding my background and specific cases / problems how to approach them. It was at times a hard interview, quite technical but overall, pretty good. We talked about shaders, pipelines of productions, code c# c++ python, maxscript, tools development etc. Btw it was a long interview, 2 hrs or more.

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