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Information Technology Specialist Interview Questions in Montreal, QC, Canada


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What is your skill level in Websphere in a scale of 1-10

1 Answer

9 - i had a certification in that tool

What tools do I use to troubleshoot or setup a Windows machine?

Very basic interview style question - best quality vs worst flaws - some basic technical questions

Tell me about yourself. Explain your experiences. What did you do in X position? Explain a situation that it was difficult for you. How could you solve it?

types of join in SQL difference between incidence and problem what is SQL transact what is user restriction in SQL how to update a table (sentence) situation: the system went down, you have calls and ticket saying that system is not working, is 6pm,you already verify that systems is down and you are alone, what is the first thing to do?, send a general message to all users saying that the system is not working and we are workking to fix it, to stops calls and tickets. example of how you communicate with people when you find a problem tell me about you. examples in your work how your apply ITIL environment

What is your understanding of ITIL processes

No one call me... they just canceled the meeting before 30 mins and they never scheduled another one...

HR interview was absolutely incompetent, maybe she should sell perfumes downstairs at The Bay. Technical interview was hands on and still easy if you did the job before. I was interviewed by the person covering for the Sysadmin who just left the company in unfriendly terms and received little coaching. I had to tell him "no offense but let me show you something you should do right away, even before hiring me or anybody else...".

There is a large communication disconnect between Montreal and Calgary, are you OK with that?

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