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Lab Technician Interview Questions in Montreal, QC

Lab Technician Interview Questions in Montreal, QC

"As a laboratory technician, you'll need strong organizational skills and an adequate knowledge of chemistry in order to collect samples, perform tests, and analyze data. Expect to be quizzed on your knowledge of basic scientific concepts as well as your experience handling lab equipment and conducting tests. Although not mandatory, many labs require you have an associate's degree or higher."

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What you will do if you get 5 million $?

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I was tested for pipetting skill

If I gave you 5 million dollars right now, what would you do with it?

Name a bad situation you ever found yourself with a client in at work and how did you overcome it? And again with a coworker.

your background is in organic, physics- chemist or biological assays

No technical questions, both interviews were behavioral. Typical questions like 'How do you deal with a co-worker that you don't get along with?','How do you cope with stressful situations?' and 'What would describe as your greatest attribute/weakness?'. If you mention that you'd be comfortable on the sales floor, they'll ask you to sell them a pen (try to focus on the client's needs).

What can you tell me about this company? What kind of person would you like to work with? Do you like working alone or with others? Do you mind a repetitive workload?

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