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Network Engineer Interview Questions in Montreal, QC, Canada

Network engineers design and build computer networks. Employers are looking for strongly skilled individuals to design their networks on a high level, leaving support and maintenance to network administrators. During the interview process be prepared for many technical questions encompassing all of network theory.

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General Question like: where are you from? You have been living in Montreal for how long?what did you study? , where were you working in last ten years?, and he asked a few technical questions such as: have you ever worked with Liux? where, how? have you ever worked with Mikrotik? how and where? what is the difference between Switch and Hub ?what is the bridge? Name a few Internet protocol?....

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I asked them according to my resume and my experience

Psychological test !!!

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Troubleshoot connectivity to a Nuance server when client Pc connects via IPSec tunnel

Explain difference between SSL and TLS. Troubleshoot connectivity via loadbalancer.

How many bits in the MPLS header? How did you implement different types of multicast networks?

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