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Recruiter Interview Questions in Montreal, QC

"Companies and agencies are looking to hire recruiters with the industry knowledge and interpersonal skills to source, interview, and hire qualified job candidates. When interviewing for a recruitment position, expect to be asked about your sales experience and customer service experience, as having skills in these departments is essential to becoming a good recruiter who can sell jobs to the right candidates."

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How many people have you recruited in the last year and what was the type of positions?

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I answered it as it was but I wasn't sure of the exact number. It wasn't what was important in the end. More the type of roles, and the challenge I had for example that was helping the recruiter to understand better the type of recruitment I used to do in the past.

When you are doing your psychometrics- you will be asked to do a management segment with "put yourself in this place" scenarios.

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How do you imagine a recruitment cycle at Rio Tinto... (After living it with this specific gem of a hiring manager attempting recruitment ass backwards. I imagined it was a disaster...but i gave my best answer)

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Would you take a candidate with the skills and abilities or would you rather take a candidate that would fit within the organization?

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"Tell me about yourself".

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The questions were not difficult, they were all very relevant to the position I was applying for.

Do you speak french?

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Answer Customers RFP, very demanding because of the complexity of the RFP, Utilities is very important market with it's specific High Tech. requirements.

tell me about yoursel who's the person you admire the most Tell me bout a specific problem you had to deal with where do you see yourself in 5 years, why should I hire you what's your biggest accomplishment

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