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Sales Executive Interview Questions in Montreal, QC, Canada

"Sales executives bring their experience in sales to create relationships with clients, identify product improvements, and close deals for the company. Prepare for your interview by outlining stressful situations you've handled, identifying the compelling features of a company's product, and analyzing how you build long term client relationships. In addition, you should expect to be required to give a sales pitch to the employer."

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It wasn't really a question, more an assertion: "You can sell anything, can't you!"

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I told him I could sell anything as I believed in the product and as long as it was an honest product, which he claimed it was.

Role play - Convince the owner of a restaurant to sign on with DoorDash - keep in mind you do not have any tools or info on how the products/service actually works

What is an opinion you hold that would be controversial or against the norm

Can you present to me a sales demonstration example with closing techniques that you have used in the past?

Name a time when you had to speak up to superiors

Why do you want to do sales if you have no experience

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She asked to tell her a bit about myself and about past sales experience, and what successes I had.

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If you were talking to CEO, what would you say to them about our product value?