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Sales Manager Interview Questions in Montreal, QC, Canada

"As a sales manager, it's your job to guide your team to success by setting appropriate quotas and goals, building sales plans, establishing training programs, and and developing sales strategies. Employers are looking for candidates who are skilled negotiators, planners, and leaders. In an interview, come ready to discuss your management style and how you've closed sales in the past. Excelling in sales is all about delivering superb customer service, so be prepared to offer a sales pitch on the spot or answer a scenario question about handling tough customers."

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Very, very, very (you get the picture) personal questions not allowed by law. In addition, to the typical cookie cutter interview questions.

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To the best of my ability, but they were unable to tailor their template questionnaire for someone at my level. Their questions were appropriate for a recent graduate. Even with all of the aforementioned interviews and a clear demonstration of the value I could bring to the sales organization, it came down to the last question - what salary did I expect? I gave them an market guided salary range, however, I did not say the magic word "volunteer", so I was not offered the role. They gave it to someone else, and now 3 months later they are looking to fill the role for a third time in less than a year.

Crisis management

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At the question ''Why Softchoice'', they do not think ''I like computers'' to be a correct answer.

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what was most challenging being a sales manager in my previous job

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How will you help us grow our business in Mexico?

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How many pets stores needed to open in Montreal ?

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Tell me about yourself? Why should I hire you? What do you know about us? What do you know about the retail business?

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