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Store Manager Interview Questions in Montreal, QC

"When interviewing candidates for the role of store manager, employers are looking for positive leaders that can steer the team towards assisting customers, managing merchandise, and keeping the operation moving smoothly. In an interview context, be prepared to answer questions about your ability to sell a product, resolve issues, and create an enjoyable work environment with strong customer service. You should also be ready to discuss any previous experience in sales or retail."

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Explain what lead you into the retail business? what is your career path so far? what are your goal?

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For me this question was tough because my path was still unclear and nothing really lead me into the retail business in the first place.

About the capacity to manage 100 Associate

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It was ALL "STAR" oriented questions. "Tell me about a situation you had a problem with a teamate" "Tell me about a situation when a customer was unhappy" At the end, they asked me three words to describe what a perfect manager should be or skills they should have.

Describe a situation in which a customer came in dissatisfied and what you did or could do to help the customer leave happy and satisfied?

Describe a time you had a difficult customer, what was the situation, and how did you resolve it.

Describe your vision for the business over the next year.

Tell me about a situation when you had to react fast and under pressure. Where do you see yourself 5 years from now?

What is your client service experience.

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Basic questions: What is your experience ? What do you do when you have en employee who doesn't do what you ask? How do you prepare your store for an event ? what do you do to ensure that there is customers in your store? What do you do every day at work?

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