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Supervisor Interview Questions in Montreal, QC, Canada

Employers are looking to hire supervisors that can effectively lead others in order to ensure the quality, production, and sale of their products. Be prepared to showcase your leadership and people management skills in planning projects, mentoring team members, and providing support. You may be asked to answer situational questions such as how you would take accountability for your subordinate's actions or help motivate a discouraged team member.

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1. What will you do if we give you $10K and ask you to forget animation and do something else? 2. What would you do if we don't pay you for next one year?

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Tell what you will do truly.

Are you aware that by taking this position, if anything were to happen, you lose the seniority of 1 year that you have been working on? Are you aware that this position includes another 3 month probationary period, your previous job may be filled, meaning you may be potentially unemployed?

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Why do you think you can do this job ?

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Have you ever had an employee display in appropriate and insubordinate behaviour in front of other employees? Please describe the situation and explain the outcome.

Am I familiar with the type of company. My qualifications , background checks

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c'est quoi vos ambitions

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Have you ever had a conflict with a fellow employee. Please describe the situation and explain the outcome.

Talk about a time when you were thrown a problem out of nowhere and had very little time to deal with it?

What do you think will be your biggest challenge on this job

Tell us about yourself; tell us why you want to work for us; where do you see yourself in five years; have you ever had to deal with any performance management issues; how would you deal working with people who have been working here (or in the industry) for over 30 years; how would you handle not being the senior manager in the department

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