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Morningstar Development Program Interview Questions


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What would you invest in with $10,000?

1 Answer

Just know something about investing and you're fine.

Which company do you admire the most?

1 Answer

Why are you interested in this program? What is something creative you've done?

What is an example of a conflict at work and how did you resolve it? What is a great challenge you have overcome? What can you tell me about yourself that isn't on your resume? What would you do with a six week sabbatical?

Why Morningstar? Tell me about a time you worked in a group? Tell me a time you disagreed with somebody in a group and how did you resolve the issue?

1 Answer

If you could go a few years back in your college life, what would you do differently and why?

What challenges you have faced working in a team? What is your most creative moment?

Why should I choose you over the other 30 candidates?

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