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Mortgage Loan Officer Interview Questions

"When interviewing for a position as a mortgage loan officer, the interviewer will want to assess your communication and decision making skills as well as your knowledge of mortgage and loan policies. Your employer will expect you to be an expert on the requirements for various mortgage loans and have the ability to recommend loans to customers. You may be asked about your lead following strategies, sales techniques, and experience with various loan types. Expect to be given scenarios where you must recommend different loans to customers with varying financial histories."

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Not a challenge, walk up, get a job, work hard.

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what qualifies you?

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What would set you apart from different negotiators and how would you handle the workout better than others.

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There were no questions asked.

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If you prepare for the interview this should not be a problem. Nothing was out of the ordinary or difficult to answer.

In what ways would this company help you improve your life and professionalism as well

Why do you want to work at PNC?

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Goals, what I am looking to do, focus, dreams, etc.

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How many years origination experience do you have?

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