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Motion Picture Production & Distribution interview questions

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How could you get the information you want from an individual over the phone who you have no prior interactions or connections to?

1 Answer

I find it very helpful to be positive and befriend people over the phone, and establish relationships with individuals, especially if I will be making repeat calls. One time in school, I wanted to take a specific professor for one of his classes, so I e-mailed him prior to class starting, because his class was full. I was able to speak with him and tell him why I wanted to take the class, so eventually I was let into the class.

Have you ever made a mistake while calculating commissions for employees at your past job?

1 Answer

What's 5/2 in MySQL ?

4 Answers

What are your expectations of working for Disney, and of this job in particular?

2 Answers

What is your greatest regret?

2 Answers

What's the square root of i?

2 Answers

You appear over-qualified. Why do you want this job?

2 Answers

"This will be harder than anything you've done. Gauranteed. Still want to do it?"

3 Answers

What's the angle between the hands of a clock if the time is 3:15.

3 Answers

The most difficult job was when the leader told me to sell him something - anything. I always hate that question. I ended up telling him to give me something to sell - he chose his pen.

3 Answers
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