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How would I design the elevators for a new 40 story office building that had an average of 100 people per floor to most efficiently fill and empty the building given a standard 9-5 workday and traffic conditions in my city? The answer needed to be completely detailed, including expected passengers per car, time per stop, average floors stops per trip at various hours, etc.

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I use spreadsheets for 'what-if' analysis and struggled to make the math work on paper without the help of a calculator. I did note that my first step before doing a design would be to conduct research with builders who would know how reality impacts the theory of building design. I recall a PBS episode where an academic tried to raise a roof over the Roman Coliseum to prove his theory that the games enjoyed shade. The producer of the documentary wisely invited two circus managers who raised tents for a living to attend and give advice. Even before the first attempt they chuckled and said it would never work - something about the length of the rope and the size of the canvas sheeting needed being wrong. The academic assured them that everything had been carefully calculated and would, of course, work. To his frustration (and the circus manager's enjoyment) it flopped utterly just as predicted by those with practical experience. The question was apparently designed to evaluate my performance on detailed calculations while under pressure. I can count on one hand the number of times I've been faced with that situation in my 30 year career.

The idea is to "learn" from user behavior. Start with a blank slate where the elevators assume that all floors, except the first floor, have the same probability at all times. Then, based on user behavior, alter the probabilities. If the elevators can talk with the users' phones, via bluetooth, and identify to which floor this user goes, when he/she comes to and leaves work, how often does this person take the elevator to go to other floors or out on lunch, then improve the efficiency based on the aspects learnt.

The analytics in a spreadsheet can give you a working theory. The key for a good product is to TEST the theory before you build. With the data for the size of building, estimates for passengers, etc, there may be other similar buildings already in operation nearby. I would want to check out what is REALLY happening there to validate theories before moving from design to build stage.

What is the best way to sort a terabyte of array of data, when you have limited RAM (500k), and each array element has a couple of items of data, at about 1-10k each.

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Describe the competitive landscape for the space in 5 years and attempt to price the total value of the market and key determinants for share.

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what was the job I liked the least in my career.

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Constant drill-down questioning by peers or people with skills below mine.

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How would you optimize an algorithm to ensure that no duplicate data was being stored on Google servers?

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Describe a situation in your past job when you had to .......... (3-4 different situation analysis)

Have you tried out product and competitive products? What will you improve in our product and why?

Very eclectic, no standard questions, personal and team analysis.

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