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Senior Product Marketing Manager Interview Questions in Mountain View, CA


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Questions were around my experience and hence were manageable.

Describe a situation in your past job when you had to .......... (3-4 different situation analysis)

Have you tried out product and competitive products? What will you improve in our product and why?

What are your suggestions about our website, product and messaging?

Typical interview questions regarding past jobs: This is to understand what you really bring to the table and how the company can benefit from your skills and functional expertise Some questions on Wrike: This is to understand whether you really spent time understanding the company, product, competition, industry etc and whether you can add some value to the organization

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Q: Why LinkedIn? Q: How would you validate a hypothesis for a new product? Some questions are behavioral, but I think most are mini-case oriented so that you have to problem solve through various scenarios.

How would you describe your skills and ability to develop and execute a Marketing Plan for new products considering that the development process has already began? How would you evangelize the Marketing Plan to Product Management to drive product development efforts, considering that historically, we haven't been a Marketing Plan (MRD) driven company?

Honestly, I can't think of one because it was more like a series of conversations rather than an interview.