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Move In Coordinator Interview Questions


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- What's your availability? - Tell us about yourself? - What's a failure in your life? - Your experience using technology - Your experience in customer service

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- Told them I'm available anytime - Told them I'm a college student looking for a source of income to pay off bills - Told them how I messed up at my job and what I did to make up for it - Told them how I used phones, computers, etc. at my last job - Told them about my last job where I was in an office and people visited us (you're working in an in-bound call center so you just email and receive calls from people across America)

Why do you want to work here? Are you sure and how so? Describe handling a stressful situation. How would you deal with a difficult customer Why do you want to work in the moving industry? Describe your previous work and responsibilities Are you available to work 6 days a week or weekends-say no

Why do you think you would be the best candidate for this position?

What are 3 things that drive you?

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Why do you want to be a mover

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