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Multimedia Driver Software Engineering was asked...June 27, 2012

Explain a situation where a deadlock would occur.

3 Answers

Two processes each holding a resource tries to access the other's resource.

Or you could forget to unlock.

There are 4 conditions from Coffman's: A deadlock situation can arise if all of the following conditions hold simultaneously in a system:[1] 1. Mutual Exclusion: At least two resource must be non-shareable.[1] Only one process can use the resource at any given instant of time. 2. Hold and Wait or Resource Holding: A process is currently holding at least one resource and requesting additional resources which are being held by other processes. 3. No Preemption: The operating system must not de-allocate resources once they have been allocated; they must be released by the holding process voluntarily. 4. Circular Wait: A process must be waiting for a resource which is being held by another process, which in turn is waiting for the first process to release the resource. In general, there is a set of waiting processes, P = {P1, P2, ..., PN}, such that P1 is waiting for a resource held by P2, P2 is waiting for a resource held by P3 and so on until PN is waiting for a resource held by P1.[1][7] Less


Design a hardware to detect how many bits are 1 with only combination logic design

2 Answers

Use adders connected in series adding in 1 for each bit in the word which is '1', and 0 for each bit which is '0'. Less

lets assume the number is 8 bits . So use 8 2-to-1 muxes ( inputs as 0 and 1 ) and feed the connect the select switches to each bit of the number . So if the bit is high , 1 is propagated or else 0 is propagated .Check for the number of high mux outputs. Less

Cornerstone OnDemand

What would you do when there's down time?

2 Answers

My answer: "Take the initiative and start designing and animating graphics packages and templates for the various categories of videos we might be making. If I had additional time, I might also start making templates for Social content.” Hiring Manager Response: In a very hostile, reprimanding tone of voice: “I liked your answer up until you said that, about making graphics templates for Social. That’s Marketing. We’re the Learning Design video team. We don’t have anything to do with that. That’s Marketing. They’re their own department and we’re our own department and even though we’re in the same room, we don’t have anything to do with them.” My Takeaway: Okay, how am I supposed to know that and why the hostility to such a proactive, positive answer? I’m on a second Phone Interview, the first one being preliminary with a recruiter and I get this abrasive response for saying that I would be proactive and take initiative to be a productive employee during down time. I have no idea how departments within the company are divided (for obvious reasons). So the Learning / Education Video design team and the Marketing Video team don’t share After Effects design templates for videos, such as for Intros or Transitions or Lower Thirds, under any circumstances and under no circumstances would I be allowed to make After Effects templates for Social content. -Got it. How would I know that? Hiring Manager acted like I had violated some code of conduct with my answer or like I was going to walk in the door and start breaking company rules. She basically made it clear I was out for giving a proactive answer regarding down time as a creative department employee, because it also included a mention of possibly, additionally, creating Social Media Design templates for video content airing on social media, which apparently her team / department doesn't do or utilize. Again, how would I known that. Then at the end of the interview she attempted to backpedal and told me that I'd be "contacted by the recruiter with next steps," attempting to make it sound like I was still in the running. I never got contacted by the recruiter again, but I did get an automated email two business days later, asking me to take a survey about their interview / hiring process, since "this particular role did not work out." -That's how they let me know. -A complete and overall lack of of any kind of professionalism on their part. Less

I interviewed here once. The first thing that happened was the little girl who scheduled interviews F'd that up, so the controller there called me when I didn't expect it. Then, the controller at the time who called me for the interview, was this rude little turd with bald short-man complex, go gave me guff on the phone. All this of course, when he called me out of the blue as like I said, the girlscout who scheduled the call dropped the ball on that simple task. I've also heard that there technology stack is straight out of 1993 Less

Hearst Bay Area

Usual and customary questions, such as why I would want to work selling print and multi-media services when my background encompasses both, and I felt it was self-evident about my skill-set, experience and what I bring to the table.

2 Answers

Gave detailed answers in a Starbucks, and the gentleman later wrote me that it had been a "pleasure" to meet and chat with me. The new HR person wrote me that he would get back to me that night with feedback, then at latest the next morning. It is now three weeks later, and he has gone silent, and been disrespectful imo, in terms of not doing what he said he would do, and hyping me up that "I was the one". Not an iota of feedback nor any further contact. Bad! Less

If customary questions are self evident then why even have an interview? Bad! review Less

Nexstar Media Group

Are you comfortable talking to people?

2 Answers




Difference between a latch and a flipflop

2 Answers

Interview was very relaxed. Mainly talked about my past experiences

Latch clocks data in based on the voltage level. Flipflop is edge triggered.


Memory mapping in registers. Based on paging, where page size was fixed. Basically you know the memory size and the start address, you have to return the pages coming in that range. This is what I understood after a lot of thinking. The interviewer was not very clear about it

2 Answers

Basically, what I told was, since you know where to start and the length of the memory to be mapped, you basically need to know on which page it starts (0,1,2) and which page the mapping ends(depending on the length) and then when you know that you can return those pages. I could answer only through a pseudo code, where I used the idea of using the page size as the divisor and use the addresses to find the on which page they lied. The interviewer didn't approve of that (as they were pseudo codes) and that the division operations were not efficient (Agreed). I asked him what the correct answer was, he wrote something hurriedly, related to bit-shifting (which is division done efficiently). If somebody knows the standard question and answer please post it. Less

When a page size is fixed (usually a power of 2) you can take that many bits out of the lower order bits in the memory to be mapped to figure out what the offset within a page is. And the remaining bits would tell you the page number. Less


What is the problem with the following code. __interrupt double compute_area(double radius) { { double area = PI * radius * radius; printf(“\nArea = %f”, area); return area; }

2 Answers

printf is a blocking routine. It **must** not be used in an ISR. Consider the case then an interrupt arrived and this ISR is invoked and stdout is blocked by some other task. This code will give you nightmare bugs which are almost impossible to debug Less

How will you declare the following: (a) A pointer to an integer: (b) A pointer to a pointer to an integer: (c) An array of ten integers: (d) An array of ten pointers to integers: (e) A pointer to an array of ten integers (f) A pointer to a function that takes an integer as an argument and returns an integer Less

MGM Resorts International

How do you create a variable s in php?

2 Answers


That’s not a full question. Write the full damn question

Delex Systems

Asked about development experience, and aptitude to use notepad instead of dream-weaver for web design/development. I answered truthfully, and was seen as a compatible employee based on my aptitude to learn, and my degree field

1 Answers

basically that I had the ability to learn, but had not made practice of raw coding in notepad, but had used a WYSWYG editor in the past (school) Less

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