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IT Interview Questions in Mumbai

IT professionals build, design, and maintain the systems that handle storing, sending, and retrieving information. Employers are looking for individuals who are able to systematically solve the tough and unusual problems that arise in the field. Expect to be asked many hypothetical questions that will assess your thought process when dealing with complex problems.

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The Top Mgmt tried calling my previous employer in front of me, to confirm some of the facts and figure because he was knowing someone there.

3 Answers

Non-professional approach

He would be satisfied with my works but not afford my salary as I wants

As I explained my experience in my CV/Resume total technical expernce in Delhi Vidyut Board and BSES R Power Ltd.- Delhi

why u choose i.t industry?

1 Answer

What was your greatest moment of your life ?

1 Answer

what does inline do..!!

1 Answer

Syntax based questions mostly. They were finicky about the candidate knowing the exact syntax.

1 Answer

Why you have so many shifts

1 Answer

Why did you leave GE Corporate

1 Answer

About my previous job profile

1 Answer

All basic non technical interview question having IQ question, Algebra and Geometry question

1 Answer

how to build linux rpm Question was raised on my prev exp

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