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Tell me your overall background and experience of yours

1 Answer

I have explained about by overall experience starting from my first job till my current one.

Case study based questions.

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People ask you Property Costs of random places or even about FSI available at a particular location.

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Name one autoimmune disease you know

1 Answer

Q: What are symptoms of URI, possible causes of abdomen pain, Explain term pyelonephritis etc. Q: How will you treat or handle medical complications? Q: What are your interests? Q: What if we ask you to work in night shifts?

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How would you decide which geographies to explore?

They asked me about business plan for 2 years and business forecasting. Also a SWOT analysis about the business opportunity, where we want to play

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General questions about education, experience and future plans. Questions related to shift from bell curve was asked in two rounds. Another memorable question was " if there is a leadership meeting at your office and say your HOD is unable to attend it and she asks you to speak about three primary challenges faced by HR then what three challenges would you talk about.

Situation based questions, reason for leaving and comfort with handling the responsibilities assigned.

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