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Supply Chain Interview Questions in Mumbai

"As a supply chain analyst, it's your job to collect information on productivity and customer demand in order to improve your company's supply chain operations. You can expect to answer a lot of �what if� scenario questions that will assess how you tackle company areas in need of improvement. Prepare yourself by familiarizing yourself with company practices and examples of previous reports you've created. You will likely be asked to solve with an Excel spreadsheet problem, so make sure that your Excel skills are on par."

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Why are you looking for change when you were promoted by your company 7 months back?

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I moved into role of Business Analyst in January 2011 and I have been learning quite a lot since then. I have also been doing a lot of differnet things which were beneficial to my organization. However my current organization does not offer team leader position to people who are in the early stage of their career. I am interested in getting in Managerial exposure, hence I have no choice but to look out for change.

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Each step of the selection process is clearly designed to check certain aspects of the candidates. Let me break it down for you • Psychometric Test This is a test where every candidate will have different answers to the same question, the basic idea is to remain true to your answers and make sure that the answers provided are coherent in nature. This was an online round where the candidate had to select/rate the options provided. • Case-based group discussion This is where the interviewer tests you for your problem-solving skills and your ability to gel well in a group and come to a common consensus within the stipulated time limit. The exercise starts with the interviewer telling you the ground rule(s). A problem statement is read out to you (generally a set of characters stuck in a situation) and the objective is laid out to the group. The group members can discuss among themselves and ask for hint(s). The interviewer can at times interrupt to tell if the group is going off-topic. The key is to focus on the facts and figures and connect them. • Face to Face interview The was the final part of the selection process. The interview touches upon various facets of the candidate, the industry and the role offered. Some of the questions asked were 1. Can you explain in brief the scenario for E-commerce in India? 2. Why choose a career in E-commerce? 3. How can your prior experience help Snapdeal? 4. Tell us about your hobbies/passions? 5. How do you see your progress in Snapdeal? 6. Why did you choose Snapdeal? 7. What futuristic trends to you see in E-commerce? 8. Do you think E-commerce is a sustainable model? 9. Explain the working of a typical supply chain?

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Basic technical questions on the role applied for, questions were mostly based on what was mentioned in my cv

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What path do you see for youself in the organisation

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