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Why are you leaving your current job because your director is fantastic?

1 Answer

This was a terrible question. I don't work much one on one with the director of my current job, and she is not fantastic at all. Why would they ask this?

What Harry Potter House are you in?

1 Answer

What made you want to apply and work here?

1 Answer

What age group are you most comfortable with?

1 Answer

What would you do about a difficult visitor? (There was a specific situation I can't remember)

1 Answer

Have you had previous experience dealing with children?

How did you find parking outside? Do you know WA state standards? Which standards would you use? (interviewee supposed to know this off the top of their heads?) What do you know about our exhibits and what would you want to teach? (interviewee had no clue they were supposed to come up with a whole subject to teach.)

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