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Sales Interview Questions in Muskogee, OK

As a sales representative, your ability to speak to clients has a large impact on the company’s profits. Great interpersonal, listening, and marketing skills are all essential. As sales reps often encounter skeptical or difficult customers, employers will be looking to assess your ability to present a product with ease, counter objections, and bounce back from rejection. Be prepared to give a convincing sales pitch on one of the company's products or role-play a situation in which you have to persuade difficult customer.

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Are you willing to have only Tuesday off & know Corporate is going to need everything answered on Tuesday?

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Are you willing to sit on an open house 6 days a week? Be spot checked & micro managed & willing to take blame for all of the problems of the build times, customers complaints, & get yelled at for less then minimum wage?

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She liste five types of sales approach, all of which I was unfamiliar with, and asked which I thought I was.

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Cash handling experience?

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How do you balance school and your extracurricular activities?

Tell me what you would do if there was a line of customers ready to be checked out and you were in the middle of mopping up a spill?

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