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You've worked in an office for some time. What makes you think you would be able to make the transition from the office to the field?

2 Answers

I've had field jobs before and enjoyed the challenges they brought.

I've recently come down with a severe case of depression and hate my life enough to subject myself to working in the field.

You live 6 hours away from Houston and are close to where a lot of our work is, but when you're done with each job, you'll have to drive your ass all the way to Houston and then drive all the way back home. Doesn't this bother you?

1 Answer

Have you ever worked with any hand tools or electrical equipment?

1 Answer

How willing are you to travel and be away from your friends and family?

2 Answers

The recruiters will have you do a exercise such as building a device, mine was to build a catapult from misc parts. It is not so much about success as it is to see how you interact with the team. Don't be a shine light hog, but rather be a leader, suggest ideas but also let other people do the same. They are looking for leaders not managers.

Do you know how to attach a PDF to an email?

1 Answer

The most unexpected question was if I had ever received a DWI. This is a big one for this position, don't get one!

Would you be willing to spend extended amounts of time away from home (3-5 weeks)?

1 Answer

Only difficult part was the fact that when everyone arrived, we were supposed to be given a presentation etc. but went straight into interviewing. That left most people unprepared.

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