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name 5 steps you take to troubleshoot network?


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Answer following IT standards no good for them, because they have their home made troubleshooting techniques.

Interview Candidate on Nov 15, 2011

To troubleshoot a network, OSI reference model should be utilised. First step is to verify the physical layer is well established. Cables, NIC, lights on switches/routers can pinpoint if the physical layer is working fine. Second step is data link layer; issues such as port security error disabled , STP loops can affect the whole network from layer 2 standpoint. Third step is to troubleshoot the network; this can be verified by using ping, traceroute(or tracert in Windows), route print, Cisco troubleshoot steps,in network layer, is much more complex but if asked to expatriate, explain how you can troubleshoot various layer 3 routing protocols and routing table. Layer 4 has to do with open ports, netstat with appropriate switches can reveal these. Layer 7 is the final step(omit the session and presentation has it has little or no effect except when troubleshooting VPN). Layer 7 has to do with firewall or the service (ssh, telnet, DNS, ftp, etc) itself. If application is blocked by firewall, it may not be reached. DNS cache issues can be troubleshot by issuing ipconfig /flushdns on the client workstation. Host records, srv records, and name records on DNS servers are other notable parts that can be explained.

Anonymous on Dec 1, 2015

Spelling mistake: Expatiate replaces expatriate.

Anonymous on Dec 1, 2015

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