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You are short 10K of making quota its the last week what do you do?

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Hello! After successfully completing my interviews, I started at Google as a PM a few months back. Seeing that there were not many useful interview prep guides specific to Google, I’ve created a document & study guide that gives all the details about my experience, the questions I’ve been asked and their detailed answers. You can buy the e-book at: I’ve sold this interview prep book to many Google Manager candidates already and received many 5 star reviews. The book proved to be very useful for all types of manager/associate interviews at Google! You can see the reviews of my buyers at the bottom of the service detail page linked above. The book will give you a clear advantage during your interviews. You’re welcome to buy it from the website. thanks! Alex

How would you sell this product to a customer(you demo the product to the interviewer)?

How do I plan to build/grow the footprint and share examples from current and prior roles where working with partners/VARs and Tech Partners - explain the process.

Describe a time when someone disagreed with you and how did you resolve

No difficult questions. Just to much time spent on past jobs.

Most of the interview questions were standard and not difficult to answer since my experience and skillset matched my resume.

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