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Flight Attendant Interview Questions in Nashville, TN

Flight Attendant Interview Questions in Nashville, TN

Employers interviewing to hire flight attendants are foremost looking for candidates with superb customer service skills. Be ready to answer a majority of situational questions that will assess your interpersonal skills and conflict resolution abilities, such as handling an upset or anxious passenger, an unmotivated coworker, or a tense emergency situation.

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5. You're on an overnight and the captain tells you that the van time tomorrow morning is 5:45am, but your report time is 5:45am for a 6:30am departure. What would you do/say?

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6. policy i would change at my current airline if i could? 7. why did i leave my current airline? 8. TMAT you dealt with a difficult situation?

Did you get your email with your cjo yet???

3. What has changed or what is different now that you applying at Skywest from the time you started working at (my current airline)?

I interviewed 3 years ago. The questions change every few months.

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4. What you would you do if the other working FA was rude to you and the passengers?

Why would you make a great flight attendant

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Some things I'm sure they ask is about conflict with employees or with people on the flights. They may also ask about how you deal with different people. I have seen a bunch of situational questions. I have seen how people work on teams and go above and beyond for their customers.

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Glassdoor asks if you got an offer. That question is irrelevant here because no offers were made on the spot. CJO's or TBNT's will come via email.

What would be the hardest thing about being a flight attendant for Skywest? What's one thing about the information we've given you that's a problem?

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