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Junior software developer Interview Questions in Nashville, TN


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If you have a list of data that includes negative and positive values (I.E. -10, -1, 10, -20, 20), how do I switch the signs of the those values?

1 Answer

Multiply the values by negative one.

What’s the difference between client side and server side form validation

1 Answer

How can you join two tables in SQL

1 Answer

node, mongo, linux, as well as some of the other things on the job description

1 Answer

how would you save a string to a device?

1 Answer

Here's the gist: you are to write a program to parse sentences into words and then keep track of the occurrence of each word. So, if the program is fed, "The cow jumped of the moon," every word but 'the' would be given a key of 1, while 'the' would be given a key 2.

Tell us a little bit about your time at -insert boot camp here-. What was the biggest challenge of that time?

Describe the architecture of a software project you worked on, the challenges you faced (on chalkboard)

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