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May I ask why you are not wearing a suit today?

2 Answers

I answered: "I was not expecting to wear a suit in a classroom environment, but I have no problem wearing one if necessary."

I will feel comfortable if I use a dress that can make me enjoy myself, as far as it is still polite. if I feel comfortable I will enjoy teaching

How the word "alot" is misspelled.

1 Answer

They ask if you if you've started gathering the papers, I lied and said I did, but he knew I was lying. Still got the job tho. They asked me about the online TEFL course and what i was learning in it.

1 Answer

What is your main motivation for wanting to teach with EPIK?

1 Answer

Do you base your own success on student performance?

1 Answer

Having the recruiter pretend to be a child and having to "teach" that child for ten minutes.

Why do you want to work in Japan? What is a difficult situation that you`ve dealt with when disciplining a child? How would you deal with a difficult or uncooperative student? What is something you can foresee as being a challenge when living in Japan?

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