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How to prove your honesty?

4 Answers

Don't know.

You are honest in all you do.

you don't have to prove your honesty. It should be a noticeable feature not something that can be proved

We want you to compete with another individual for the position.

1 Answer

Describe a time one of your team members was not pulling their weight and how you handled this.

1 Answer

Please describe your work history up to the present. What is your greatest strength and weakness? Tell us how you like to be managed. Please describe a situation when your superior or manager made a decision that effected you negatively and how did you handle it? Why are you leaving your current employer?

1 Answer

strengths and weakness

1 Answer

Lots of "Describe a situation when..." questions!

1 Answer

Why do you want to leave your current employment?

1 Answer

Why sales?

1 Answer

Question 1: Loop through numbers 200 - 300 and print "Hum" if numbers divisible by 5, print "Honey" if divisible by 7, and print "Nothing" everything else. Question 2: What's the difference between interface and abstract class? Question 3: What's the difference between int and int32? Question 4: Print just the integers from the following list? ArrayList list = new ArrayList(); list.Add("Hello"); list.Add(1); list.Add(2.5); list.Add(3); list.Add(2); list.Add("Jeremy"); list.Add(0); Question 5: Find the youngest student from the Student table below? StudentID DOB ------------ --------- 001 05/21/1991 002 11/04/1995 003 12/02/1989

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