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What is the thing .NET fixed?

1 Answer

I forgot to review my VB6 for this job... I think the answer was "DLL mess". But it's been so long since I looked at the differences between VB6 and VB.NET... I forgot that "trivially obvious" answer. Of course, the fact that it was an interview question tells you this company has a lot of ollllllddddd code.

On a scale of 1 to 10 how do you rate yourself as a SQL Developer

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Write a SQL query (join) that used count and group by correctly. They had set up a situation where there were two tables that needed joining (Person and Employees).

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Describe a time where you had to complete many tasks at once for a project. Were you successful? How could you have improved that experience?

separate out a sentience given by space with some added complications, some sql queries using aggregate functions, joins, group by

In JavaScript, what is the difference between '===' and '=='?

1 Answer

in the interview, they touched all the parts of the full stack development

Well if you are applying for the .Net Software Engineer position make sure you know Restful web services.

Q: Can you read this c# code?

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Specific questions about how to implement credit card processing within PCI scope

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