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presented with a network diagram showing a few routers, switches, DHCP/DNS servers and two end hosts on a VLAN/network segment, given that a host loses IP connectivity every 120 seconds, troubleshoot to figure out what might be happening

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a timer was expiring, it happend to be a DHCP lease in this case

what happens to a MAC frame with an unknown destination MAC address on a switch that participates in a multi-switch VLAN?

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My goal plans in the next 5 years

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How do you react in pressure situation (like the entire system is down)

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Are you able to handle multiple competing project priorities while also performing long hours of troubleshooting / operational work?

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If you were able to solve any one problem to do with the technical architecture underpinnings of the Internet, which one would you pick and why?

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the interview was for a position of Network Architect

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they presented the mission statement of the office and asked what I thought about it.

Wasn't really asked a real question in the whole 5 minutes I was on the phone with the hiring manager.

What three things would you change at your university/workplace if you were CEO today?

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