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Network Engineer Interview Questions

Network engineers design and build computer networks. Employers are looking for strongly skilled individuals to design their networks on a high level, leaving support and maintenance to network administrators. During the interview process be prepared for many technical questions encompassing all of network theory.

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Given a very large existing network with thousands of external connections, how would you add an additional few hundred connections?

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Think it through, out loud. Walk through your options- don't just pick one. DS3, metro-E, SONET, etc.

someone building networks with thousands of external connections considering anything but 10G, 1G at minimum... doesn't understand COGS.... the name of the game is $0.000xxx/Mbps.. which you are not going to get with anything but ethernet.

SNMP/NetFlow to monitor the WAN Bandwidth Utilization + Characterize the Traffic (what type of traffic is using the network, QoS parameters for applications, CoS) a. Characterizing the traffic: 1. identify major traffic sources and stores and documented traffic flow between them. (Voice, Video) 2. categorize the traffic flow for each application as being terminal/host, client/server, peer-to-peer, server/server, or distributed computing. 3. estimate the bandwidth requirements for each application. 4. estimate the bandwidth requirements for routing protocols. 5. characterize network traffic in terms of broadcast/multicast rates, efficiency, frame sizes, windowing and flow control, and error-recovery mechanisms. 6. categorize the QoS requirements of each application and what are the current trends 7. discuss the challenges associated with implementing end-to-end QoS and the need for devices across the network to do their part in implementing QoS strategies. When the team determines that bandwidth augmentation is necessary based on the utilization reports of NetFlow and comparing it with the companies’ policies that the traffic is going over the threshold during the business hours, provides a recommendation to network engineers and managers. Once it is determined that an upgrade is necessary, proceeding with the upgrade becomes a business decision.

How do you handle irate clients that are having technical trobules and need to work immediately.

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What are the 6 TCP flags?

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What's the difference between block code and convolution code?

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a detailed troubleshooting scenario for VPN was asked. a site-to-site VPN, user from one site cannot get to a resource on another site.

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How does STP does it know who will control everything?

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Explain the difference between TCP and UDP

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bgp, mpls,vpn

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· BGP/TCP/IP protocols/route reflectors · Network hardware and software – switches, chips, etc. · Network infrastructure · Troubleshooting · Linux / automation, Scripting(Regex will be helpful)

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Basic Networking and scripting ...It was not challenging but some of the questions were irrelevant to Job role or my expertise

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