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What is a open redirect?

1 Answer

I'm not into phishing. This is a question for one of those certified ethical hacker persons. Its not related to the position but I did learn something new.

I was thoroughly questioned on what devices and systems I had experience with, particularly on the security side of things. I was also asked to present scenarios of the kinds of networks (size, function, etc) I had worked on in the past, including inquiries on the WAN link-ups and utilization of network security (Firewalls, IDS/IPS, auditing, etc)

1.) What is SQL-Injection 2.) If your CISO told you he had a million dollar budget and you were responsible for identifying how it will be spent where would you spend the money? 3.) Describe the different between a vulnerability and an exploit.

Tell me about yourself and your career to this point.

We are looking for someone passionate about cybersecurity. Explain why you want this job.

You've had a 2 year break in employment. Please explain.

Basic Networking Questions (They were asking more about the port numbers), Some linux commands, More behavioral questions

Explain the steps involved in the UDP handshake

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What port does ping use

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Why do you want to work at Procore?

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