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How do you handle irate clients that are having technical trobules and need to work immediately.

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Refrain from using technical jargon when explaining technical problems and solutions to clients and speak confidently.

Approach the situation with 'we' working on the issue. Know that your are there to help solve this and act towards that, being calm and accurate towards solution. Even if the solution is that you will have to find out more and have to return to solve this issue.

Ask for the ip address, then ask if it is an on or near-air emergency. Ask for the symptoms and if others are experiencing the same problem. If no one else is then have them jump on another pc if possible/feasible. Remote into the pc or tx the ip to the relevant trouble-shooter.

Where do you see your self in 5 years?

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What are the fields (rows) required for a DNS entry?

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Interests, Post requirements , Your Area of expertise

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Did I have experience reviewing detailed Network Engineering Technical Communications Diagrams?

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Walk me through your routine day at your current job.

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What projects would you work on to add value here? This is a lead in question to them probing you on specifics.

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Solve a capacity planning and architecture problem given some parameters. Forecast the income generated by the product given some additional parameters. Analyse the viability from a business perspective, and see where you should try to make improvements in order to make the product more likely to be a business success. Secondarily, be able to explain architectural design choices.

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Write a program for a toy problem. Be able to explain why you are making certain choices, and be prepared to explain how something works as you work through it.

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