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Interview questions in New Delhi, India

Tata Consultancy Services Interviews in New Delhi /  HQ: Mumbai, IN

775 Interviews in New Delhi (of 9,161) / Part of Tata Group

2.7 Average

Infosys Interviews in New Delhi /  HQ: Bengaluru, IN

768 Interviews in New Delhi (of 8,657)

2.6 Easy

Accenture Interviews in New Delhi /  HQ: Dublin

725 Interviews in New Delhi (of 13,791)

2.6 Easy

Interview Questions in New Delhi

They majorly asked about college project and programs on C language

Tell me about your self and other basic questions

1 Answer

SDLC, Puzzles and other important software engineering questions as well. Type of testing like adhoc, monkey, boundary line etc.

SDLC, Puzzles, Type of testing and much from software engineering.

They ask general question such as modulation, optical fibre ,step index fibre etc.

In Technical interview they asked basic questions of JAVA, SQL, Unix which I mentioned in my resume. They told me to write a program of Swapping of 2 numbers without using 3rd variable as well as without using arithmatic operations. Then they told me to draw a complete DB schema of my project. Managerial consists of some simple situation based questions like tell the colour of wall behind you without turning your head etc. HR interview consists of questions like Why TCS, What about TCS, Are you comfortable in residing anywhere, questions related to your family, Your parents occupation etc.

write a program to print next largest pallindrome number?

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