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New grad registered nurse Interview Questions


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What would you look for in a patient with sepsis?

4 Answers

Confusion, fever, lethargy

Lethargy, fever

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Tell me about yourself?

2 Answers

Where do you see yourself in 5 years?

2 Answers

Describe a memorable patient care experience from your clinicals?

2 Answers

Patient presents with active chest pain, radiating to right arm, sob, what is your course of action?

2 Answers

Tell me what you know about RWJ and what made you want to work with us?

1 Answer

What is your weakness?

1 Answer

You come into work and you have a heavy patient load, and now you feel overwhelmed. What do you do?

1 Answer

no difficult questions

1 Answer

How did you hear about the hospital, tell me about yourself, what can you offer the unit, why should we pick you

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