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Would I be able to pay close attention to detail?

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Of course, I focus on task that are important to the job.

A. Personal Questions 1. Tell me about yourself. 2. Why do you want to work in the ICU? B. Behavioral Questions 1. Have you ever made a mistake when taking care of a patient and how did you fix it? 2. How would you handle a difficult patient? C. Case Scenario 1. A pt is transferred to our unit from the ER w/ fever, low blood pressure and unconscious. What do you anticipate that the pt has? What tests would you run? What would the DR. order for this pt? Basically, now that you are an RN, what would you do? D. ASK great questions ( What is the culture of your unit? What is the vision of your unit? What resources are being used to avoid nursing burnout? What areas could be improved in your unit?)

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question asked were typical For example": what do you like about the position (for example OR or Med surg) that you applied?

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How is your assessment skill?

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Tell me about a time where you went above and beyond to provide excellent customer service?

Why St. Joes? Why Barrow?

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What does Humankindness mean to you?

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Tell me of a time you had a difficult patient and how did you deal with them?

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