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If I was David's pizza and I wanted to cancel my subscription because it was costing me to much. What would you do ? Goal is to retain the account.

2 Answers

Find out as much as possible on the benefits of keeping the account and let the gentlemen know how it effects him and why he should keep it.

Understand Davids true needs as a customer. Why is he cancelling? What's changed his mind? Has Yelp provided what he truly needs? Most likely he's canceling because he isn't happy with the service or his business is failing. If it's not failing before giving up on retaining the sell follow up with opened ended questions. An then make a strong recommendation for his true needs.

Write a function that finds the median of a set of three numbers, also find the Big O. Can it be done with only 2 comparisons, or do you need 3?

11 Answers

Implement division without using multiplication or division. It should work most efficient and fast.

11 Answers

Improve this piece of code, loop tracing, very basic printing problem

10 Answers

Given a base 10 number, print the hexidecimal (base 16) representation of that number.

7 Answers

We have a fairly large log file, about 5GB. Each line of the log file contains an url which a user has visited on our site. We want to figure out what's the most popular 100 urls visited by our users.

6 Answers

He asked me to write a function to detect whether string1 contains all letters in string2

4 Answers

Given a decimal number, find the number of 1s in its binary representation? Follow up: Can u solve this in O(1) run time and O(1) space.

4 Answers

If you had a savings account with $1, at a 100% interest rate, at what year would you have 15 billion dollars?

4 Answers

Given a bug report of a common Python library (everyone would know this library), run tests to observe the issue and then fix it.

5 Answers
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