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Wayne Homes
New Home Sales Consultant was asked...January 29, 2016

They want a lot of examples in your answers. I felt that they were using a script. They asked a lot of personal questions. Does your husband support your desire to join our team? Do you have daycare for your children? How will you get to work?

3 Answers

Although I felt that these questions were inappropriate, and possibly illegal, I assured the team interviewing me that I was ready to make a commitment to the right full time job. Less

They ARE illegal questions and should report them.

They are illegal questions not to mention sexist. I never wear my wedding ring on interviews so that they are interviewing me not my hubby. Less

Richmond American Homes

Do you strongly agree, agree, disagree or strongly disagree that it is harder to sell to a buyer that is wealthy, well educated, successful and or looking for luxury? (or something along those lines!)

3 Answers

Ease or difficulty isn't always dependent upon their pocketbook. It's usually about what they place value upon most Less

If the Realtor knows what she is selling and I mean everything about the property and or properties, no matter who he/ she is .. you will have confidence. These contacts are legal documents and I suggest you know that well too. Then you can sell to anyone. Carol Less



How would you handle an upset buyer?

3 Answers

I would : 1) listen carefully to clients complaint. 2) apologize for any miscommunications. 3) research my associates, escrow, lender, who dropped the ball? Was it the agent involved? Find the answer and fix it! 4) resolved the issue 5) Happy Client 6) I can sleep tonight😊 Less

Once agin resolved and brought peace to client. Wait a few days until escrow closes and Then as for a REFFERAL💫💫💫💫 Less

Reassure them that we will resolve their issue and to make sure they are very satisfied and stay in communication with them to assure they are happy. Less


If you were a brick in this wall, which brick would you be and why?

2 Answers

What a unacceptable question.. testing your knowledge about bricks or logical ?

I would like to be the Keystone brick, its holds everything in place and is the center of the widow structure- It offer support to other bricks and keeps them in line. Less


What qualifies you to work at Lennar?

2 Answers

No comments.

I would have said “ I’m a Realtor”

LGI Homes

It's been a long time since you have had to work weekends in a sales environment. We feel like this might be a difficult change for you. How do you feel about that?

2 Answers

I understand how you feel, as I know that I have worked a M-F schedule for the past 8 years. However, in the past 8 years I have not had a job opportunity as great as this one. For this position I would gladly give up my weekends, in order to make more money! Less

I know the new home sales business as an on site agent myself with DAvid Weekley Homes in Austin Tx for 4+ years. Ready to get back out there and make it happen again in Houston Less


Do you have any certifications that would help you in getting this role?

2 Answers

Yes, I'm a licensed real estate agent, which is on my resume. I've been in the business a little over 3yrs. Less

I noticed they have a requirement of "Completion of the Sales Associate Learning and Certification Program" under education. That may be what they were asking but no one seems to know what this is, even my broker is puzzled. Maybe if they could explain a little more on where one would take this course or get the designation. Less

Richmond American Homes

Why do you want to work here?

2 Answers

Talked about history and reputation

Good answer.


Are you willing to work Weekends?

2 Answers



New Home Star

I was given an overview of the company and their vision. They ask if you share this vision, what your goal is, and how dedicated you consider yourself.

2 Answers

Luckily, I did share their vision! All of the interviews were pretty stress free. Everyone in management is incredibly helpful and easy to talk to Less

I'm glad you had a good experience. I applied directly on their website because of a personal referral at a location where a sales consultant was needed and I never heard from them. After a week, I called and spoke to HR and they said, "We'll call you back in the next three days." I waited another week. Called back, left a message. I did this for five straight days, leaving a message every time. No return call. So, I waited another week and called a different number. HR picked up again and told me someone would call me back. This time, they did... to schedule an in-person interview at Starbucks... but they could only schedule the meeting during my work hours. WTF?!? Less

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