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Starting position is very mundane and doesn't have openings to expand for more then a few months, is this a problem with expectations for this position?

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Prefer to start in a company from the bottom so can become familiar with it as a whole and grow with it to the future. Can meet high expectations for releases but can go without a trial by fire mentality. Haste makes waste.

What experience do you have with creating New Media type content?

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Describe would you work as a member of a collaborative team?

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Describe your typical day?

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Role play. Sell me a product that I don't really need and is expensive. Short questionnaire prior to the role play. Those question are just to get to know you and your work experience.

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Don't remember exactly but they were related to my previous experience, what kind of programs do I use and stuff like that. Like, how would you increase the presence of the company?

Why I would be a good fit for the position

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Can you describe how you would handle a difficult situation?

What is your greatest weakness? This was expected, but I hate answering this question. And I don't think I gave the best reply.

Why do you want to work for the DNC?

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