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Assistant Manager Interview Questions in New York City, NY

"Assistant managers are needed in every industry to provide leadership and management support. Employers are looking for candidates with strong teamwork and organizational skills. In an interview, be ready to discuss your leadership experience, conflict management abilities, and knowledge of the industry for which you are applying."

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What are your weekness?

4 Answers

Actually, these questions may look perfunctory, but I think it looks better if you tell the truth -- know your weaknesses, and tell them what you do to recognize and overcome them. I would not hire anyone with no weaknesses, but also would pass on someone who does not have an active counter-weakness plan.

I'm guessing your answer was "spelling".

Well if I weren't so damned modest I'd be perfect.

What are your weaknesses?

7 Answers

Are you a leader or a manager.

2 Answers

Can you cope with working after hours? Do you know what PSI stand for?

1 Answer

Am I comfortable working in a fast paced environment

1 Answer

Give an example of a time you went out of the box to show leader ship

1 Answer

The 10 year vision, it is hard to answer this and tailor it to their expectations.

1 Answer

Name a situation when you had to deal with an annoyed customer

1 Answer

When was the last time to provided excellent customer service?

1 Answer

When coming up to a key project deadline and it looks like you might not make it, what do you do?

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