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Associate Product Manager Interview Questions in New York City, NY


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Write an efficient algorithm to merge sorted arrays of integers.

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This is one of the steps in merge sort. Maintain two indices, one into each array. Start them at 0, i.e., look at the top two elements in each array. Whichever is smaller, put at the top of the new array. Augment the corresponding index, so now you're looking at the first element in one array and the second in the other. Whichever is smaller, add to the new array. And so on. This takes order n time and order n storage.

Describe a time when you used data to solve a problem.

On-Site Case: The government has hired you to build an app that allows US citizens to vote online. What would that app look like?

On-Site Case: Define all the database tables necessary to capture the information for an old-school in-car navigation system.

we have people working here only from Harvard , MIT..

On-Site Case: What is your favorite app? Why? Tell me what happens (technically) behind the scenes when a particular command is run in this app that utilizes another app's API.

Tell me about yourself? Please walk me through your day to day from the beginning to the end? Who do you report into? How is your position se-up?

Why SeatGeek? What's a product that you enjoy using and why?

I was given case study questions that were directly pulled from previous FH issues and asked how I would solve for a given issue/Product Need