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Associate Software Engineer Interview Questions in New York City, NY


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What's MVC?

1 Answer

Model View Controller

I don't remember.

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I still don't remember

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Use a TRIE to search a substring in a list of Strings - Don't remember exactly.

What is Big O notation? What is Big O Notation of has hash function and how is it achieved? Difference between abstract class and interface. How will you hide an image using a button click in JavaScript How will to transfer data from one webpage to another. What are the database indexes and the benefits of using it. Explain different types of SQL Joins. What is a Load Balancer, highlight some benefits of using the same.

They asked me two programs, reverse of a link list and pallendrom of a string or number. I answered both but I got stuck in the pipe and tank problem as there is no reviews about the company I couldn't focus on which topic to prepare on. So if you are going for this company do prepare on java and aptitude. Let others not face the difficult I faced.

Since I was coming from school they asked a lot about coursework, projects, and work at internships. Know about OO, Data Structures, Scaling, Unit Testing etc

Given any number greater than 2, implement a function that will find the two prime numbers that sum to that number.