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Business analyst Interview Questions in New York City, NY

Business analyst Interview Questions in New York City, NY

When interviewing a candidate for a business analyst role, employers are looking to assess your analytical problem-solving skills as well as your communication and collaboration skills. Be prepared to analyze a business case study and answer behavioral questions that often test your ability to handle challenging stakeholders or tight deadlines. Business analysts must also be creative thinkers, so expect to tackle a few unusual brainteasers that are designed to see how well you can think through a complex problem.

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Design an evacuation plan for the building

7 Answers

Let's assume the building is 5 stories. Those on the first floor should exit through both the main doors as well as the emergency exits to avoid congestion. On the upper floors, emergency stairs should be used and elevators avoided as in the case of a fire can malfunction or too many people may crowd it causing it to also fail b/c of being overweight. It is important to train the people before an emergency on how to act in a situation. Panic is one of the main concerns and people must know the plan beforehand and act in a calm, collected way. If this is at the mountain view location, a earthquake is common and it is important to get out of the building as quickly as possible and stay away from any objects that could potentially fall.

Regulations differ depending on where you are, but: if you're not a licensed engineer or architect, you don't design an evacuation. You draw up a brief and rough plan, and you take it to them and let them do the work. Here's what to bear in mind to make their lives easier: a) Two fire exits- one nearest to fire hazard rooms (eg. kitchen, mechanical room, etc.) and one nearest to the room with the highest number of people in it at any given time (eg. office). b) Design spaces that are farthest away from either exit to have the most direct paths to egress with the fewest obstacles. This goes right down to configuring furniture orientation- open-plan offices should have a V or T-shaped configuration that is longest at the top, widest at the farthest end. Interior designers are your friend here. c) The basement is your friend in most - NOT ALL - cases. Have emergency elevators that are exclusively sealed in the basement except when needed for egress. Have 'panic rooms' that are bunkers where you wait for help. Have stairwells with ADA waiting spaces on each floor and a telecom-it's normal practice for firefighters to check those areas first when finding people to rescue. d) Have clear instructions and maps to egress throughout the building. They should be visible to firefighters as well as visitors and regular workers or residents. e) Higher occupancy buildings with lower rating walls and doors and windows should be equipped with sprinklers. Depending on where you are and what the building codes are, the above may vary. But invest money in a licensed architect or engineer and let them do what they're good at.

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Tell me about a time you had to deal with a difficult customer/client and how you handled it.

4 Answers

Asked general questions on background and relevancy to the position.

3 Answers

How do you price a derivative.

2 Answers

What's 29x29

3 Answers

What are you interests? Are you interested in construction? Will you be comfortable working independently without much guidance or supervision as management will be traveling most of the time.

2 Answers

How would you you write a program for a poker game? walk me through the algorithm.

2 Answers

What website could be considered the most important or world-changing website, and why?

2 Answers

What is your greatest weakness?

2 Answers

No difficult questions, basic interview questions about prior experience and how it related to the position I was interviewing for.

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