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Do you have any issues with cold calling?

1 Answer

No, once I develop a pitch I am very comfortable initiating cold relationships.

If there was a movie produced about your life, who would play you, and why?

12 Answers

Just be able to explain example of your sales success. They will bring you on regardless as a contractor before being offered full time employment. They are looking for as many bodies as possible for market penetration whether you are qualified or not.

4 Answers

Three things occur at once. A baby is crying, a tea kettle is whistling, and the phone is ringing. In which order will you take of the problems and why?

3 Answers

A new cancer drug has been developed. How will you price it?

2 Answers

You wash up on shore with 3 crates next to you. They are labeled apples, bananas, and apple & bananas. You kniw each is labeled incorrectly. Which crate would you choose from to guarantee you know which crates belong to which label?

3 Answers

An eight gallon container is full and both a three gallon container and a five gallon container are empty. Without using any other containers, divide the water into two equal amounts.

2 Answers

Tell me of a Project where you ran over budget.

2 Answers

As a Michael Page employee what are we here for?

2 Answers

What is the difference between an integrated systems consultant and a management consultant

2 Answers
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