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Digital Marketing Manager Interview Questions in New York City, NY

"Companies rely on digital marketing managers to oversee the distribution of messaging and ads across multiple platforms. Interviewees should expect questions specific to online marketing, including past experience and how to measure the success of various marketing campaigns . You may also be asked to critique a recent product or talk about what draws you to the industry."

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Do you know anything about Chartwell Higher Education?

1 Answer

I was ready for this one. I did lots of research on the company. " brief who they are, what they do, and also spotted some error on their website and brought them up. I gave her solution to their problems and how i would go about it. " she response with " We are currently going thru a re-branding" that's why its like that.

Did you bring your portfolio?

1 Answer

Do you know anyone who works here? How do you know them?

Deceive how you would use your skills by marketing our new forest fire tax credit break

Tell me about your background and why do you want to work here?

1 Answer

Can you join the interview on 10am Spet 6th 2018(Singapore Time) via Google Hangouts?

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Would you ever use clickbait to attract more people to our site?

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The in-person interviewer asked me to "sell" the agency to them, which was obviously a way to check how much research on had done on the company.

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There were none because when I got there, they said they were cancelling the interview. I lost a lot of money that day because of their incompetence.