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Entry Level Software Engineer Interview Questions in New York City, NY


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some bit manipulation question

1 Answer

Using a web sharing app, the interviewer shared a document with 9 code snippets in C. The task was to come up with the functionality and sometimes the answer. Questions were mostly based on linked lists and bit manipulation.

Algorithms, OOP concepts, Data Structures. Cant disclose interview questions due to NDA

Q1: Consists of 30 IQ questions, in each question you were given 3 images with certain pattern, you have to predict how the 4th and 5th images look like (draw it out). The questions get harder as you progress. If you really want to prepare for it, I encourage you to do similar IQ tests you find online, speed matters. Q2: Algorithm part, I didn't get to that part.

What is deadlocking? What thread scheduling does Linux use? How to swap two int values without using any temporary storage? Other short and sweet questions and problems

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Algorithm Questions and Java Questions

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Define polymorthism and give an example

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Phone interview: 2 questions on sorting and hashmap. On-site round 1: Find element index in rotated string Sort one string based on order given in another string On-site round 2: BST recursive and iterative, max product of 3 numbers in an array

Given a passage, filter out any passage that is present in the other passages. The passages must also be formatted based on a series of rules (blocks of whitespace should be treated as one whitespace, symbols should be ignored, etc)

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